Our Balancing Act – The real value of ecosystems
A book revealing the economic and ecologic value of the planet’s forests and other ecosystems.
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The Forest Enterprise

The Forest Enterprise Foundation is established with the aim to contribute to the conservation of ecosystems by developing and promoting models that value the crucial services that ecosystems provide to mankind.


Denis Slieker is Managing Director of Face the Future, a (carbon) forest project development organisation. In this position Denis is involved in several forest conservation and ecosystem rehabilitation projects worldwide. Face is one of the first organisations in the world to privately develop forest projects in order to mitigate climate change. Until recently Denis was Managing Director at Climate Neutral Group, a leading carbon offset company. Denis combines policy making skills with international field experience and has initiated The Forest Enterprise Foundation in order to create worldwide awareness and commitment on the value of ecosystems and ecosystem services.

Jos van Assendelft is entrepreneur, publicist and consultant. He focuses on social and economic research, ICT and interactive media. His activities cover both the international business community as the government. Within The Forest Enterprise Foundation Jos is in charge of communications, publishing, besides his role as an author.

Sara van der Meer is studying for a Master of Science in Business Administration with the specialisation Global Business and Stakeholder Management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She is combining her master thesis with the research internship to look at dealing with societal problems from the perspective of (privately owned) companies. One of the specific elements Sara is working on is the development of a model for valuation ecosystem services.

This team is supported by a diverse group of experts.