Our Balancing Act – The real value of ecosystems
A book revealing the economic and ecologic value of the planet’s forests and other ecosystems.
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About us

Why a new system for ecosystem conservation is needed 

Through its ecosystems, Planet Earth is providing its inhabitants with crucial resources and services, such as clean air, fresh water and food. Already, these ecosystems are being overexploited for several years, mainly because they are ‘free to use’. Mankind is currently acting as if we inhabit 1.5 planets instead of one, according to the WWF-Living Planet Report. Given the population growth and increased wealth levels one can imagine that our planets resources are most likely to run dry, unless we really start to value the treasures of the earth. This is the main topic of The Forest Enterprise, developing an economic model that represents the irreplaceable values of the ecosystem services and their scarcity. By pricing ecosystems four targets are met: A restraint on the use of these services, simply because they aren’t ‘free to use’ anymore. They need to be paid for; Extensive funding of conservational projects, as a result of the pricing mechanism; Benefitting local communities, which are often involved in the development and maintenance of the forest; An instrument for the financial markets, in order to value and trade these services.

For who….?  

We hope to bring the topic to a broader level in society. Our prime target groups are business managers and entrepreneurs, NGO managers, politicians, policy makers and interested individuals. We will not be targeting the inner circle of conversationalists and conservation scientist, although they will be involved through the expert group.