Book: Our Balancing Act – The real value of ecosytems

Our Balancing Act – The real value of ecosystems

A book revealing the economic and ecologic value of the planet’s forests and other ecosystems.

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Why pay for ecosystem services

The forest is a treasury. It holds many precious gifts. Clean water, genetic resources, climate regulation, soil formation, biodiversity. Mankind cannot live without them. Still, forests and other ecosystems are threatened because of short term economic reasons. The global pressure on forests and other ecosystems, results in a decreasing biocapacity (the capacity of the planet to provide ecosystem services) of the planet, while at the same time the global population is growing, demanding more of these services. This unbalance raises the following questions:

  • Is it possible to create a business case for the most essential ecosystem services, so they can be protected and preserved for the future?
  • Could this lead to a model that is based on ecosystem services that have long-term, sustainable economic value?

Our project aims to find answers to exactly these questions. If possible, with your help…